About our flotation spa and our reasons for launching Simply Float

Meet Tom Snow, the owner of Simply Float and his story

Find out about Tom Snow, the owner and why he launched Simply Float

Hello I’m Tom and I’m so glad you’re about to discover the benefits of float therapy too. I was first introduced to flotation after I had a serious motorbike accident 10 years ago. I was in a pretty bad way, mentally and physically. I was suffering from chronic pain in my back and neck that I just couldn’t seem to relieve with painkillers or physiotherapy or other treatments. Every muscle ached and my nerves endings were on fire. I also had phantom limb symptoms. I tried pretty much everything going. Some made me feel better for a while, but the pain would never go away for long. It was having an effect on me mentally too, wearing me down. 
Having read about the benefits of Epsom salts and magnesium for aching bodies, I thought I’d give float therapy a try. I was just expecting it to soothe my muscles and relieve my pain for a while, but stepping into that pod turned out to be the best move I made. An hour of weightless floating was just what my poor battered body needed - no pressure on the limbs or joints, and the magnesium working its restorative magic. But I wasn’t expecting the calming effect on my mind too. After three sessions, I felt focused and lighter, both physically and mentally, and more able to deal with my situation. I realised float therapy is a form of mindfulness, or meditation practice too, and after three sessions, I had become more in tune with my inner self. And it felt good. 
I set up Simply Float because I want everyone to be able to enjoy that feeling. I want you to feel healthier and happier too. And because I want to be able to float whenever I want, here in Tunbridge Wells!


Open 6 days a week, Tuesday - Saturday 07.30 - 19.30, Sunday 09.00-19.30.
Location: 16 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells.

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