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What to expect when you visit Simply Float

In our experience, float therapy becomes part of your wellbeing practice over time, rather than being a one-off sensation. Like yoga or mindfulness, the practice takes time to perfect. We would recommend a minimum of three sessions to really start to feel the restorative benefits and progress to a fully meditative state. With only one session, you’ll still enjoy a wonderfully soothing hour and emerge relaxed, with aching muscles gone and smoother skin, but we’ll guarantee you’ll soon be hooked and be back for more!

Before your float
There are a few things to remember before you come in for your flotation session to make the experience as beneficial as possible: 

  • Avoid shaving a few hours before, as the salty water can irritate freshly shaved skin. If you have any cuts or scratches, you can use Vaseline to cover them up.
  • Floating on a full stomach or after a heavy meal is not recommended, so please make sure to have only a light meal if you eat a few hours before your float time.
  • Stimulants like caffeine will inhibit your ability to get the most out of the experience and are best avoided for a few hours beforehand. As smoking is also a stimulant, we recommend that you don’t smoke immediately before your float.
  • Exercising just before a float, however, can enhance the relaxation experience, and it is a great way to restore aching muscles after a run or a tough session at the gym.
  • Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Our guidelines on getting the best from your floatation pod experience

Please arrive 15 minutes before your float time, so that you’re not rushing and you start your float therapy calm and relaxed. You’ll be welcomed by one of our friendly spa assistants who will be on hand throughout your session to make sure you get the best out of your float experience. They will show you to your private room, which has a lockable door, and talk you through everything you need to know. 
We’re sticklers about maintaining our exceptional hygiene standards here at Simply Float, so we ask you to take a shower before you use the flotation pods, and remove any makeup and jewellery. We provide fresh towels, products and a hairdryer in each float room. And remember to use the loo too if you need it, so you won’t interrupt your relaxing float. Once you’ve had your shower, you’ll be ready to get straight in the pod.

Our huge, comfortable pods are filled with 500kg of Epsom salts and water and heated to body temperature. You’re fully in control of the opening, closing and lighting, and there’s an emergency button that connects you straight to Reception if you feel uncomfortable at any time. We monitor the pods throughout the session and can remotely adjust any of the controls for you if you need. 
Once you’ve stepped in, it's your own space to explore what benefits relaxation can bring you. There’s a soothing five minutes of music at the beginning, to ease you into a gently relaxed state, and then it goes quiet, so that you can enjoy the restorative peace of no sound. The lights inside the pod also go off to give you the full benefit of no external stimuli, but you can keep an ambient light on if you prefer. You're fully in control over the lighting. You also have control over the pod’s lid, if you would rather not to have it fully closed. It’s best with the music and lights off and the lid down though, creating your own cosy cocoon where you can drift off for an hour of quiet contemplation floating weightlessly in the soothing salt solution. 

Five minutes before the end of your float time, the music will start quietly playing to gently reawaken your senses. Then you’ll have  time to take a shower and use the products and hairdryer provided in your room, before we clean it and prepare it for the next client. We have a comfortable post float area where you can take some time to reflect and enjoy a complimentary sorbet or a refreshing tea  to allow your body and mind to readjust before heading back out into the real world. 

Our pods are the roomiest, most hygienic flotation tanks in the world. Each pod takes a whopping 500kg of Epsom salts and has a pressurised, 24-hour filtration system which keeps it squeaky clean. The tank water passes through a one-micron filter four times between each float, ensuring total filtration between every flotation session. 


Open 6 days a week, Tuesday - Saturday 07.30 - 19.30, Sunday 09.00-19.30.
Location: 16 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells.

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