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The benefits of float therapy in our flotation pods in Tunbridge Wells

Float therapy works by lowering the stress hormone levels in the body while you’re gently floating in your own peaceful, temperature regulated cocoon. Shutting out the noise of Tunbridge Wells and frenetic pace of the world outside, your mind gradually starts to slow down and your body to relax. As the cortisol drops, you begin to feel calmer and your brain starts to release its “happy” chemicals endorphin and dopamine, the same thing that happens when you have a massage. It’s even better than a massage though, as your aching joints and muscles are supported and soothed by the Epsom salt solution which allows blood to flow freely throughout your body, unlike lying on a couch or bed. 

Within 40 minutes of blissfully quiet drifting, the pattern of your brainwaves changes from its normal Alpha rhythm to Theta waves instead - half-waking, half-sleeping. Being in this deeply relaxed state stimulates creativity and brings intense clarity of thought, where some describe experiencing the pure essence of being. Reaching this level of meditative lucidity usually takes years of yoga or meditation practice, but the benefit of float therapy is that it makes it easy for anyone to achieve. 
By the time the hour is up, you emerge feeling relaxed, revitalised, and full of creative energy. Even your skin feels silkier and nourished, as your body receives a magnesium boost from the minerals in the Epsom salts that are used in our state of the art flotation pods here in Tunbridge Wells. 
It’s no wonder the simple secret of flotation therapy is getting out, to Kent and beyond. The particular combination of Epsom salts and float therapy has been proven to bring relief to a significant number of physical ailments and mental health conditions, for well over 50 years. Here are some of the ways it can help:

Flotation pods like the ones we have here at Simply Float in Tunbridge Wells have been used by athletes, runners, cyclists, footballers and rugby players for many years as part of their preparation for a race or sporting event. Sportsmen and women use float therapy to boost their performance, because they recognise the benefits of a clear mind and a relaxed, focused state. It helps to prepare you mentally and physically for the race: optimising your muscle strength and training your mind to shut out distractions and visualise yourself as a winner. Floating also increases the production of endorphins, which means you’re likely to feel less pain during the race or match and can push yourself harder. 

Spending time in a flotation pod after a fitness session or sporting event speeds up rehabilitation and recovery of any sports injuries, fatigued or strained muscles, or stressed joints. The Epsom salts can help to replenish lost minerals, and magnesium is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which aid recovery. Add the soothing effects of weightless floating on a tired and aching body, and the restorative effects of total relaxation, and float therapy is the perfect way to recuperate after fitness sessions or sports. 

People who suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia can experience just as many physical symptoms as emotional ones.  When someone is stressed or anxious, the body overproduces chemicals such as cortisol, epinephrine and adrenaline, which in turn deplete the body’s magnesium levels. And in a vicious circle, when your magnesium levels are low you experience anxiety symptoms, so the negative spiral will continue unless you can find a way to reduce your stress levels and replenish your magnesium levels. 

Studies have shown that the best way to absorb magnesium into the body is through the skin - which is where the magic of float therapy comes in. An hour drifting in the mineral rich salt water in our flotation pods in Tunbridge Wells helps you re-absorb lost magnesium. Not only that, the salts help to get rid of the toxins that often come with stress too, while the weightless floating soothes the constant tension and muscle aches that anxiety creates. Add to that the relaxing meditative state that float therapy induces and it will soon become a regular part of your stress management routine.
There has been some significant recent research into the beneficial effect of flotation therapy for people suffering with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADHD), insomnia, depression, burnout stress and generalised anxiety disorder. Regular sessions in flotation pods resulted in a marked improvement in the mental health of the individuals observed.  

We don’t often have time any more, in our increasingly pressured and busy lives, to take time out and just simply be. How often do you wish you could just close the door on all the hustle and bustle, and have some “me” time, an hour where you can close your eyes, relax, and simply float away into a soothing half-sleeping dream state. That’s exactly what happens when you step into one of our special flotation pods in Tunbridge Wells. You shut out all external distractions and start to concentrate your attention inwards, on you. Being in this calm, quiet environment creates a sense of mindfulness, where you become more aware of your own self. As there is nothing else to focus on, it can be an enlightening experience of self exploration and awareness. Your mind takes you to places that aren’t usually accessible in your everyday environment. 

Being in this super relaxed, yet super alert Theta state can have powerful effects on creativity, mental and physical performance. It’s when your learning abilities are at their highest, where your mind is able to absorb the most information, and your creative problem-solving abilities are at their peak. Research on the brain’s function during this meditative state has shown improved performance in memory and recall activities, and enhanced visualisation. Regular meditation trains your mind to be able to tap into this increased mental power much more readily, which is why many succcessful people now incorporate flotation therapy into their mind, and physical, training regimes.

For sufferers of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or other muscular skeletal conditions like repetitive strain injury (RSI) or backache, float therapy can be a great way to manage the pain. The Epsom salt solution removes the effect of gravity, so there is no pressure on the body at all. This creates an amazing sense of weightlessness. Some flotation pod users report a feeling of being almost disconnected from their lower body, which helps to release the spine and other tensions in your joints, so that your back feels straighter and you stand taller afterwards. If you have a physical job which involves a lot of bending or lifting, or you spend a lot of time hunched over a desk or laptop, it’s a great way to unwind, quite literally! 
Rest is a very necessary component in healing the body. Spending time in a flotation pod in total peace and solitude is one of the best ways to relax and start the healing process, as your mind has no outside distractions to focus on, so it can concentrate all the energy on healing the body (and mind) instead. The magnesium in the salt also aids the process. There have been studies on the benefits of magnesium for many physical and mental conditions, and in fact it has also been shown to be extremely effective in relieving migraine. Migraines are often caused by an external sensory trigger, so incorporating regular flotation pod sessions into your routine, where you’re removing outside stimuli, can be extremely beneficial in managing migraine episodes. Research has also found that float therapy, and the boost in magnesium that it gives the body, can counteract the effects of jet lag and help manage chronic fatigue symptoms.


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