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Your float therapy spa in Kent, located in Tunbridge Wells.

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Float your stresses away at Simply Float in Tunbridge Wells

Our health-restoring Epsom salt flotation pods in Tunbridge wells have been developed as a result of 30 years of research into the physical and mental health benefits of float therapy. 

The combination of soothing mineral salts and weightless drifting relaxes and heals the body and mind, leaving you happier, healthier and more energised. Flotation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate aching muscles and joints, and help you focus. 

It's that simple. Feel amazing. Simply Float.

Simply Float is the only float therapy spa in Kent and we’re making it our mission to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of simply floating. 

If you’re an athlete who wants to relieve muscle strain or increase your performance, if you suffer from stress, physical aches and pains, anxiety, or just need a break from your too busy life, an hour at Simply Float is the natural way to heal your body and restore your wellbeing.


Open 6 days a week, Tuesday - Saturday 07.30 - 19.30, Sunday 09.00-19.30.
Location: 16 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells.

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